Artist’s Statement

My paintings have always been composed of primordial elements. I’m attracted to places that calm me; gently flowing rivers, pellucid lakes, the flora growing along riverbanks, dense tangled undergrowth and forests with glimpsed clearings.

I have a particular affinity for rivers; their backwaters, eddies and metaphorical endlessness. When I watch a river’s velvety, undulating flow of liquid light and shadow, I contemplate the ever changing yet never changing circle of life and death and the bittersweet, impermanent nature of our existence. The stones, trees, lakes and rivers are indeed alive and in flux, and have been long before and will be long after our brief lifetimes.

Painting is a grounding experience for me and it is the catalyst for an intuitive state of being. Painting is a lifelong devotion and a portal between the physical and the metaphysical. How I feel when I spend time in the woods and on lakes and rivers influences my paintings as much as what I actually see. In other words; rather than trying to copy a landscape on the canvas, I’m attempting to express its essence. In some ways, my paintings are a record of my attempt to expose something invisible.

Each painting becomes its own divine intervention. Like an oblivious observer, I see images appear on my canvas that evaded my willful efforts and yet appear in spite of that. This gives me perhaps undeserved gratification. I watch my brush that is directing and supporting me with pleasure and astonishment. I feel like spirits are using me. This is my bliss.

I hope my reverence for the natural world is conveyed in these paintings. The human spirit thrives on places where nature hasn’t been altered by the hand of man. These places must be protected; they lead us to an expansive state of mind. Mankind is so preoccupied with dominating nature instead of seeing that we are a part of it.

“We are nature, too” said Shakespeare.